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Morning delight. #SundayMornings

Have to admit…freaked me out at first. Nearly hit guy in front….keeps #Halloween #coffee

Tonight’s screenshot of phone

I had an interesting conversation during lunch today about the two nurses (as of today) that have tested positive for Ebola. I made a statement that I would probably do some sort of self-induced isolation after treating the now-dead man. Yes – even if I had followed protocol simply because we just can’t afford any kind of outbreak.  I’ve read it can have something like a 2-3 week incubation…

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Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)

This image truly paints the picture of not only how bleak the situation looked for our group, but also illustrates – IT AIN’T OVER YET! So much to admire and love from a show that continues to impress and could just be the best overall show on TV right now. Yes – even with Zombies.

Take a look over there ———-> Doesn’t look good does it? No sirree, Bob it does not. I have not been able to get last…

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Summer is over (tell that to the weather man please so we can stop having 90 degree days IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER) and for the 1 person that may read this (me), here we go..

Bud7rdgIUAAibdP1. ARROW is back and totally solid. Without spoiling you, there was Olicity, Lance Family, Marvel X-over, and a cliffhanger. Some stuff did move a little faster than I would have liked, but then again it really didn’t. Watch…

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Another phone screenshot. Great opener last night

Seriously. How I spend time lately. Youtube videos about #MotoX2014

Saturday morning soccer (6 year olds) already over 80 degrees

#Arrow premieres next week! Screenshot of my phone today

Watching #AgentsofShield but… Kinda bored…

Me. In the car at 11:30pm. Waiting to pick up teen from party to go home. No he doesn’t drive yet. Zzzzz

Today phone screenshot. Launcher is #AviateLauncher

All of us have a secret. One of us is a hero. One of us is a fraud. One of us is a junkie. One of us is a cop. One of us is a saint. One of us is a sinner. One of us is a martyr. One of us is a murderer. All of us are guilty. All of us are lost.

Oh. I loved this show. Hard.

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Oh dear.

Oh dear.